Suicide Number One Cause of Death in England…

The information in this post both breaks my heart and makes me very angry with the world. It is something very close to home, something everyone should be interested in and educated on.

In the UK, on average 3 young men will commit suicide every day, the national British charity states while the Campaign Against Living Miserably notes the public are not even aware that:

“suicide is the single BIGGEST killer of young men in the UK.”

Sadly, this is something that doesn’t shock me and I hope something we can bring change to. Mental illness and Mental health is such a “taboo” topic that it not only is ignored but GREATLY misunderstood and forgotten by the general public. And those whom are plagued with mental illness are afraid to speak out against it because of the lack of understanding, the judgments, and I know for myself it is people pretending to understand or not understanding at all, saying things like: “Think positive” or “it will get better in time.”

Pointless words that help no one. Anyhow, back to England. In 2011, there were 1,242 men between the ages of 15-35 whom tragically took their own lives. According to official data, suicide rate in men between the ages of 45-59 increased dramatically as well. So many of these deaths could have been prevented.

Analysis of research completed by the University of Liverpool shows suicide and the increase in male unemployment are closely linked. Due to the recent recession the UK has caused approximately an additional 1,000 suicides; 846 men, 155 women.

Finally, the Samaritans, whom aim at reducing suicide in the UK, concluded:

“you are far more likely to die by suicide if you are of low socio-economic position and a man,” for many reasons “

Who knows how many lives could have been saved, and could still be saved, if only the public was more educated and understanding towards mental illness and well being, as opposed to ignorant, misinformed and not interested.

This is exactly why I believe with all of my heart we need to make sure everyone is as educated as possible on mental health issues.

From depression to suicide to anxiety to personality disorders… people need understanding and it is clear if mental illness were not such a shunned topic, many of these men would still be here. To not educate yourself on mental health is a disgrace to society and more likely than not to people you know and love. At least in my opinion, as I am a person who suffers with severe mental illnesses due to being a survivor of a tragic past. I know how it feels to be alone and also know there is no one you can go to. It is so important the public learn about these things, it should be a duty.

Mental illness is just as real and severe as cancer, but because it is unseen and not taken seriously, I’d say it is even worse in many regards. These statistics alone, statistic which could be prevented with education and by removing the lies society feeds to us about mental health (that it is a weakness, something to simply “overcome”, in our head, not real, selfish, etc) we could not only save lives, but help people have BETTER lives.

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