NYPD Responds & Defends the Action of Racist Cop

Together, representatives from ACLU, the NAACP, and National Action Network called for the suspension of the NYPD “commander” recorded and caught on tape telling other officer to specifically target “male blacks 14 to 20, 21” for stop-and-frisks in the South Bronx.

The NYPD responded in a way which sadly is of no shock value to me. Spokesman Paul Browne responded with the following statement, one which shows the crisis NYC is in. Not just NYC, this is how 99% of cops are everywhere; I believe. He actually says what this “commander” did was what any good one should do! He see’s nothing wrong in the racist targeting behavior, probably because he himself lives by it. Anyhow, here is his response to the request of suspending the officer:

Deputy Inspector McCormack did what a good commander is supposed to do. Direct officers under his command to protect the public. The 99% of the people in this community (who) are great, hard working people who deserve to walk to the train stop, walk to their car, walk to the store [without fear of getting shot].

It’s important to note the context of Deputy Inspector McCormack’s taped remarks; he was describing suspects in patterns of burglaries and robberies who were victimizing people in a specific part the precinct, not racially profiling. The inspector’s concern was that the officer was not focusing on serious crimes—instead the officer was more concerned with people blocking an entrance to a building elsewhere in the precinct. The message was for the officer to go to where the robberies and burglaries occurred, keep his eyes open and take appropriate action in response to suspicious or criminal behavior.”

How can ANYONE think there is not a problem?? How can anyone think this shows the signs of a good police department??? Not only do his words scream the racism they practice and believe, but it shows support of profiling as well as misconduct and abuse. This is what he said to the public, I can only imagine what he says in private. How can we expect anything to happen or change when the people we report things such as this to are just as bad as the offending cop???

Thanks to one of the few good cops, an officer named Pedro Serrano, we have McCormack’s racist remarks on tape. Last week Pedro testified at the ongoing federal stop-and-frisk trial the reason he taped his commanding officer was because

“they’re asking me to do something that’s illegal, I believe, and I was worried.”

Quoting from a post in the Gothamist:

In addition to making NYPD officers present those they stop with ID, and inform them that they do not have to consent to searches without probable cause, the Community Safety Act currently being debated by City Council would establish an independent Inspector General to oversee the America’s largest law enforcement agency.

Mayor Bloomberg said that such oversight would be “disastrous for public safety,” and that the department already gets plenty of oversight—by its own officers, the agency that can be overruled by the NYPD, and a man who is friends with Ray Kelly.

Trying to get justice via changing laws is never going to work so long as the people in charge are the ones committing the crimes. Bloomberg is not going to help anyone, the NYPD will help no one except those of their own kind, and the same remains true all over America. It’s time for justice. And it is not going to be found in the legal system, we’ve been trying this for far too long and getting little to no results.

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