SWAT/Police Fatally Shoot Man And Endanger A Neighborhood of Families in WA – One Witness Speaks On What Happened

Another unarmed man shot dead this Friday in Seattle, WA by the police SWAT team.

What the cops are saying is the SWAT team were out in the early hours of the morning Friday, apparently serving warrants. A house was surrounded for 4 hours Friday morning before an officer finally decided to go in, apparently.

Why they were severing search warrants in the middle of the night for most/early morning for others, is beyond me so…moving along…
When the Seattle cop/SWAT finally entered the home it becomes a bit unclear from the cops perspective anyway. But one way or another, a man was arrested, just one, and placed in the squad car they state. He then, for one reason or another, ended up being shot while he was in the car at about 5 in the morning.

Tragically, the man was eventually (see below) taken to the hospital, but did not survive the shooting. Other than that, the police haven’t released any more information regarding the killing. The one article I found which covered it made sure to note that no officers were injured, and that the Seattle police are investigating.

To me, there is a huge problem with having the same police who committed the crime, investigate the crime. It will always come back as justified, and if not there will be some form of “magical evidence” that appears which they forgot to mention. And the cops have already been lying about the shooting. Not only that, but as you will see below, they put the lives of others, including children, in the line of fire for no good reason.

Before sharing the truth which a witness saw first hand (along with other witnesses) I would like to make note of the fact that the cops have already begun to lie. At first they claimed they were looking for two suspects in a series of burglaries. They stated they found both suspects in the house, and arrested both suspects in the house. Oddly enough, that statement was retracted. Spokeswoman Renee Witt said they did not find a second suspect, let alone arrest him in the house. So the cops are already lying, but why?

Making note of the fact they lied is VITAL. It shows their morals (or lack of), it shows they can and will lie if they need to and it also shows, in my opinion, something was going on in the house they simply do not want to share for some reason.

However, there is more to the story than just the police talking, thankfully. It is a blessing to truth to have had someone else witness all of the happenings on Friday night. Seattle Cop Block shared one man by the name of Guy first hand account of the fatal shooting. I found Guy’s testimony of truth on the Seattle Cop Block page.

We need more people like this man who stand up and speaks out when others are too afraid. Much respect to him. Repost below:

First Hand account of police shooting in Bellvue, WA

From our friend Guy:

This morning, at 4:57 am, Bellevue SWAT assassinated an unarmed man directly in front of my house by firing 23 rounds into his body with automatic assault weapons.My three sleeping children and my wife were less than five degrees from the line of fire.The Bellevue and Seattle Police claim that while attempting to deliver a warrant, the victim backed up and hit our neighbors’ truck and then put the car into drive and lurched forward and that that is the reason that the eight person strong, fully armored and armed SWAT team opened fire.

This is not true, and my neighbors and I have pictures to prove it.The car hit the truck with such force in reverse that later the tow truck had to pry the vehicles apart. Furthermore, we live on a dead-end street and the SWAT tank was behind the truck that the victim backed into and blocked the only exit from this block ( I could clearly see this through my window).

There was no where for this dude to go in his car and the SWAT would have clearly known that. The victim was on his way to work, had violated his parole and panicked when approached by SWAT and hit the gas in reverse, at which point the SWAT team opened fire.Following the explosion of gun fire, the SPD gave us no information, only yelling “stay in your homes” which of course I ignored and evacuated my family with no assistance from our “protectors”.

Immediately after the killing, my children were screaming, “I don’t want to die” as the SWAT continued their assault with percussion grenades on the vacant house while the victim bled to death on the street.

This is outrageously blatant misconduct and this block of supportive neighbors has pictures and we have a voice… this operation was conducted on a densely populated residential street where over ten children and their families live. The Bellevue police and the SPD put my family in the line of fire.

Another post was later released and reposted on the same site by this man’s friend. He gives a more detailed account of what happened:

My children, wife and I are fine and thankful to be uninjured. We regret that a man was shot and killed. We are trying to not talk too much about what happened in front of the kids as it seems to upset them. While this is not a common occurrence for folks around here, I know that what we experienced is nothing compared to what millions of people the world over endure in terms of gun fire, air strikes, drone strikes and bombings. My thoughts today go out to all those individuals, and families and children who deal with this on a prolonged basis.

This small exposure to this sort of violence brings it home to me that I have absolutely no concept of what life would be like under those conditions. I am thankful for our cool little dead end block where the posse of kids play up and down the side walk and all the folks come out of their homes and talk to each other. Columbia City is the place for me and I hope that this experience will only make use stronger and more unified.From my vantage, this whole episode started about a week and a half ago when I ran back to our shop at our house in the middle of the day to grab some tools for one of our jobs here in Columbia City.

As I got out of my truck, I noticed an unmarked black SUV idling in front of our house. I approached the car and asked the gentleman politely what he was doing. He seemed annoyed by the question and informed me that he was a Bellevue Police officer and quickly rolled his window back up. On my way back to the job about ten minutes later I noticed he had repositioned his vehicle. I approached his window again and said, “ I have three children and my wife in that house” pointing to my home.

“So please let me know if I need to be concerned.” He said, “No need for concern, we are watching something down the street,” and he motioned toward Hudson. Clearly NOT indicating my neighbor’s house where the man who was shot and killed yesterday morning was living. What occurred right in front of my house would be something I would be very concerned about especially at a time of day when all residents would be home and in bed. I would have liked to know ahead of time that a SWAT team was coming to serve a warrant. My whole family was asleep in the bedroom on the street side of the house when we were all awakened by a very loud noise. In the first instant, I thought that somebody was banging on our window with a metal pipe and it seemed like the window would explode, but then noticed the blue flashes and realized it was gun fire. I scooped the entire family off the bed onto the floor and looked out our bedroom window.

I saw a SWAT tank directly in front of our house blocking the only exit from our block and just South of that my neighbors’ gold Mercedes reverse crashed into the back of my other neighbors F250 truck, and right next to the car I saw what looked like eight SWAT team members with assault rifles, helmets and the whole deal. My wife and I dragged everyone low to the floor into the back bedroom. Large explosive sounds continued. After everyone was safely in the back room, I stuck my head out the front door and heard a SPD officer over on Hudson on the exit side of the tank yell, “stay in your house”, at the same time, I heard a SWAT team member say, “He’s bleeding a lot, lets get a gurney over here and get him off the grass.”At that point I determined that the true threat was the SWAT team themselves and decided to get the family out of the house and down to my Mom’s place just down the street.

We frantically dressed the children (8, 5 and 1 ½ years old) and I considered going out the back door and through the neighbor’s yard. However, I figured that we could be mistaken for the enemy and shot if we did that, so we went out the front door after announcing our intention and left down the side walk. SWAT was in a close huddle configuration by the front of the target house, one house away from our home. We quickly got in touch with neighbors via cell phone and emails and were informed that a second SWAT team arrived and that eventually they sent a robot into the house. I was so thankful to have self-evacuated because if we hadn’t we would have all been huddled in the back room of our house for hours with no information just cowering on the floor.

I wrote to my neighborhood email list, which was a running dialogue about the unfolding events, that there was absolutely nobody and no bomb in the house and that it was all a show to justify the overwhelming use of force that had played out at 5 a.m. At one point the police announced, “ we know you are in there, come out with your hands up!”

Thermal imaging is an effective tool these days, and it should have been easy to figure out that there was not a living being anywhere in that house. This all played out from 5 am to 11 am, a six hour length of time during which all of my neighbors where prisoners in their homes and fearing another eruption of gun fire. After cutting through the steel door, breaking multiple windows and sending in tear gas, concussion bombs etc. and finally storming the house, nobody was found inside.”

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