Homeless Man Sets Self on Fire in NYC Subway; When is Society Going to Develop a Heart?? There is A CRISIS Happening RIGHT NOW-


The above man set himself on fire at the Bleeker street subway in NYC on Friday…  That alone breaks my heart. Was he trying to harm himself? Obviously, if you are in NYC you know it hasn’t been and is not warm by any means. Everyone should have access to shelter, their own home, no one should have to suffer in this cold. Yet I know they do, and they will continue to do so…especially with the current state of the world and governments. *sigh* So…

According to the NYPD and New York Fire Department, he was “playing with a lighter when he accidentally set his leg on fire.” He was taken to the hospital where he suffered only minor burn injuries. I hope that is true, I hope it was an accident, but how can we know? If he was trying to harm himself I would like to believe he would be given the help he deserves (and know that there is no shame in mental illness)…but maybe what the cops and firemen claim is true. I don’t know.

The cops and NYFD tell us it was, and you may think, why would they lie? I think the same thing. But still, I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to trusting what they say. But moving on.

Homelessness is soaring out of control and it isn’t something people can avoid noticing, yet so many pretend that they don’t see anything. We need to get it under control and help others, for no other reason than every soul should have the basic right to have shelter, food, etc. In addition, we need to be spreading awareness and education regarding mental health, but that is for another post.

So many seem to see a homeless person and not realize that person was not always homeless. They have histories, they have lived…They are not disposable objects or ones to abuse. A study I read a few years ago showed Vietnam veterans make up an insanely high rate of the homeless population, with Iraq Veterans starting to follow the same path. Once more, we need more education and understanding of mental health.

NYC has the largest homeless problem in America, and America is following the “trend” with an alarming increase in homelessness. Check out my article, HERE, regarding the homeless crisis in New York City and the rest of America.

The problem is increasing and the government is pulling people out of their homes, leaving abandon buildings and houses to rot; places where homeless people and/or their families could live instead of on the streets, dying. I still believe Tupac said it best when he noted that the white house is huge, these churches in NYC take up entire blocks; if they care so much about the homeless…why are they not letting some of these people stay there?

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