PA Police Department “Under Investigation” After Two Unrelated Beatings, One Caught on Camera

Attorney Devon Jacob has has filed federal lawsuits against the Springettsbury Police Department after officers beat two people in unrelated events. He is also sharing the video evidence with the world.

You can clearly see via the cop’s dash cam Springettsbury Township Police Officers beating Debra Williams.

“She was handcuffed and shackled, tasered in the calf and punched, slapped and had her throat grabbed. She was thrown in back of the police car. It’s as clear as day on video.”

And in the second case,
a man by the name of Steven Landis was thrown to the ground after raising his hands instead of putting them behind his back as was requested. He was probably nervous, as most of us would and should be, that they would think he was somehow “getting a gun” and were getting prepared to shoot him in the back as police seem to be so very trigger happy. Maybe. I have no idea why he didn’t put his hands behind his back but instead lifted them, maybe he misheard them? He was more than nervous I’m sure. But to be frank;
why does it matter that his hands were in the air rather behind his back? What harm was that causing? And if it were violating someone for some odd, unheard of reason… Why not explain or ask again? Why attack?

And besides ALL of that….

NEITHER ACTIONS ARE DANGEROUS NOR THREATENING and do NOT justify harming, attacking, beating, or any other excessive force.

This cop disagreed apparently. Shocking. (I speak with a lot of angry sarcasm because I am furious that this continues to happen daily by police and it not only isn’t causing mass nationwide protests and resistance, but also because the media doesn’t care. They may show one or two cases here and there, give a biased or flat out wrong view of the victim and make him look like the villain and the cop a hero, scared for his life because the person had a wallet or a shoe. It’s no surprise mass media isn’t covering what I consider to be war on American streets and that is because main news channels are for-profit media, which is run by the same government allowing cops to abuse and kill people. *for more on how the government monitors and controls all for-profit news including gossip magazines, research the CIA’s operation on Television control. I may post a blog about it sometime, but for now, the evidence is out on the web. Learn, GET ANGRY! This impacts us ALL!)

Now that I’ve made note of that….back to this post.

Attorney Devon Jacob responded to his client’s “horrible act” of raising his arms up instead of putting them behind his back. His response:

“Probably because we see it on TV all the time. It was the first time in his life he was arrested. There was a warrant for a small incident earlier in evening, and he didn’t even know there was warrant that existed at the time.”

The cop, “Moyer”, threatened Landis before kneeing him in the side; resulting in the cop breaking 5 of this young mans ribs. As if that weren’t enough, another cop tasered him at least two times while he lay on the ground.

I don’t believe anything will happen regarding this case, just as most of the time police never have to pay or be held accountable for their bad behavior. At worst they usually get a paid vacation. However, I admire this Attorney’s effort. I do think it is up to us, the people, to start taking action against abusive bullies. But that’s for another blog.

Chief of Police Thomas Hyers has seen the dash video and stated he doesn’t regret the camera’s being placed in the police cars. (He isn’t going to say he does now, is he?) He concluded his thoughts on the video by stating,

“I think they speak for themselves, and now the matter is under investigation.”

On the other side, the Civil Rights Attorney issued the following statement last week in response to Chief Hyers stating he would be placing the offending Officers Chad R. Moyer, Gregory T. Hadfield, and William Polizzotto, Jr., on administrative duty, better known as “paid vacation.” Below is the statement he released:

“On behalf of my clients, I commend Chief Hyers for taking this action and for initiating an investigation into his officers’ troubling and violent conduct.
However, York County District Attorney Thomas Kearney knew this video evidence existed during the criminal discovery process, yet he did not prosecute these officers.
Therefore, the detectives in District Attorney Kearney’s office cannot credibly conduct an independent investigation.
If the Township and York County truly intend to regain the public’s trust, then District Attorney Kearney should refer this matter to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane for a true independent investigation.”

In response, earlier this week Chief Hyers held a morning press conference to show that he and his department are being “open” and fair with the investigation. At this conference, Chief Hyers stated the following:

“I’ve taken several key steps to ensure we keep the public’s confidence.
I’ve been asked if I regret the camera being in the car, absolutely not. The cameras serve their purpose that they are meant to do. Other agencies choose not to use them, we choose to be open and transparent with everyone.

The fact that we’re open and being very diligent in this investigation builds the public confidence. They can say we actually have a police department that is open and transparent and being right out there with us. That’s what the people demand. That’s what they expect, and that’s what we will give the people of Springettsbury and York County.”

Chief Hyers has asked DA Tom Kearney as well as the State Police to do an independent investigation. Wonder how long the officers on “desk duty” before returning back to harassing the streets?

+Note: I am very angry with Police and very hesitant and reluctant to trust them. If my post(s) sound bitter and angry it is because I am bitter and angry at how Police are viewed by most of the public yet how they really treat the people no one pays attention to or cares for. We need a huge change before I ever could say I trust any officer unless he has proven to be trust worthy. Given how they mostly are, to me this seems more than fair.

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