Don’t Let Bradley Manning Suffer Alone

Don’t let Bradley Manning suffer any more than he must… Show your support, write him letters, sign petitions, add your photo signature, just as I just did…. Take action, let him know he is a real hero and soldier for TRUTH! That is something to look up to and admire. I know I do. Resources for all the above suggestions have been collected and posted below. Don’t let him suffer alone any more than he already is.

Writing Bradley:

Thank you for supporting Bradley Manning! You can write to Bradley at the following address:

Commander, HHC USAG
Attn: PFC Bradley Manning
239 Sheridan Ave, Bldg 417
JBM-HH, VA 22211

Bradley is currently eligible to receive mail from anyone who wishes to write to him. Bradley does receive a good amount of mail from supporters; however, he usually only replies to family and longtime friends.

There are restrictions on what you can send. The military will reject any mail that violates postal regulations or contains obscenity, blackmail, contraband or threats. Additionally:

a) PFC Bradley Manning cannot receive any cash, checks, or money orders. His legal team is responsible for ensuring that Bradley has sufficient funds in his detainee account to purchase items such as stamps, envelopes, toothpaste, etc.

b) Photographs are only accepted if printed on copy paper. A maximum of six (6) pages are allowed. Pictures on photograph weight paper are not allowed.

c) Incoming mail will be returned to the sender if, in the opinion of the confinement facility, falls into any of the following categories: 1) Contains inflammatory material or advocates escape, violence, disorder or assault; 2) Directly or indirectly threatens the security, safety or order of the facility; 3) Contains coded or otherwise undecipherable language that prevents adequate review of the material; 4) Is received with “Postage Due”; or 5) Contains items of contraband (including anything of any material value, including postage stamps or cigarettes).

Additional notes:

JBM is short for Joint Base Myer. HH is short for Henderson Hall–the unit that provides support services for JBM. Bradley has been officially “attached” to this support unit pending court martial. The commander of the unit is responsible forwarding Bradley’s mail appropriately, either to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, or to the DC area confinement facility where he is held during Fort Meade court proceedings. The actual location of Bradley’s DC area confinement remains classified, but members of Bradley’s legal team regularly visit him at this facility. They continue to report that Bradley has no complaints regarding his treatment at this location. As this facility is geographically close to Quantico, Virgina, where Bradley was subjected to torture-like conditions for ten months, this remains a concern of ours.

Main Site Here

Show Your Support With A Photo Signature !

Click HERE to add yours. I just added mine, I will update this post when it is approved. =)

Sign the Petition Created by the Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, the Center for Constitutional Rights & the Bradley Manning Support Network:

Sign our petition to free Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, a brave young whistle-blower who exposed war crimes, American forces’ complicity in abuses by Iraqi allies, understatement of civilian casualties in the middle east, and corporate influence on foreign diplomacy. As both UN officials and a military judge have observed, Bradley has already been unlawfully punished before trial.

This petition to President Obama at the White House, as well as convening military authority US Army Major General Michael Linnington, was created by Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Bradley Manning Support Network.  

We ask that you join us by adding your name in support of transparency, democracy and justice.

Click HERE to add your name!

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