Arkansas Cop Tasers, Kicks and Arrests Teen For Walking Behind His Mother…

Every police brutality case I read about makes my blood boil. There are never any words that can say how furious it makes me that not only the government allow this to go on, but that the people of America accept that it goes on at the rate in which it does. The brutality cases usually don’t make mainstream (for-profit) media, and many go unreported however! with research you see all over America we have a horrific problem with police corruption and abuse. I have seen and dealt with so many people who have been abused or worse by the police…people need to wake up and demand change. This is sickening, and it is just one case but it is not an uncommon case!

In Arkansas a teen, whom is being identified with the name “J.J” to protect his identity, was seen “approaching a much smaller woman” at night. A cop saw this and said he was concerned for her safety. (Later it was revealed the smaller woman was J.J.’s mother.) The cop approached J.J. and went to arrest him, which he resisted because the cop had no grounds to arrest him on. This officer even admitted later that J.J. was not acting suspiciously and that there was no threat of danger. Yet still, he was arrested for resisting arrest, which his lawyer states was a legitimate thing to do…given J.J. had done nothing to be arrested for. But it gets worse (and sadly, this is not uncommon).

More cops were called to the scene as J.J. and his mother were thrown into the back of a cop car. J.J. was tasered multiple times prior that, only to be removed again, handcuffed, thrown to the ground, kicked, tasered a bit more and then arrested.

Even though J.J. had done nothing wrong, and despite that the court found J.J. to be a good kid who excelled in sports, school and other activities, the Arkansas Court of Appeals, concluded the arresting/abusing officer acted correctly and found no wrong in his actions!

No wrong in the questioning, the arrest, and especially no wrong in the multiple tasering and beating! Even when this sort of thing happens to adults it is bad enough, but when it is a minor simply walking behind his mother…it takes it to a new level of sickness to me. He said no to being arrested because he’s an intelligent enough person to know that without cause the cops have no right (or so the text says) to arrest you. Because he had knowledge and knew his rights, he was arrested and beaten. Even though it was found in court J.J. is a good kid and the cop admitted he was wrong when he said there was danger about to happen and that J.J. was being suspicious; he admits that was not true…. STILL! The cop was deemed correct in his actions, with no penalty taken against him.

And American injustice prevails.


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